Saturday, August 27, 2011


1)  Dip ~4 thin sliced all natural chicken breasts (~ one pound) in bowl with one big egg that's been mixed.
2)  Moderately cover egg dipped chicken breasts in coconut flour on both sides- lil challenging as coconut flour absorbs so much liquid quickly, but should be fine.. if crumbles form just add those on top.
3)  Stir fry the chicken in olive oil in a pan until fully cooked.  I use a sturdy metal spatula & chop the chicken into smaller bits as I'm cooking it.  Mix in chopped green onions(1/2 bunch or more) when chicken close to being done.
4)  Add can of unsweetened coconut milk to pan.  Add salt to taste.  I prefer a lot in this.  Remove from heat.
5)  Add lots of chopped celery to pan or wait and add after mixture cools if you want it crunchy.
6)  Now you can either eat it hot like soup, AND/OR you can wait and let it cool, refrigerate it, and then serve it on a bed of lettuce with diced strawberries and dried all natural blueberries (found some that are sweetened with apple juice or nothing added even better)..

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