Thursday, November 10, 2011


Some teas that help me with pain, stiffness, digestion, nausea, cravings etc. include pure ginger tea, ginger/turmeric tea, pau d'arco tea, elderberry tea, & buffalo bone tea.  Most of the teas I enjoy are caffeine free.  I always read ingredient lists (eg: buffalo bone tea has lots of different herbs) and get familiar with things that may or may not agree with me.  Something I learned is that it really does make a difference to take the time properly preparing your tea.  Some need boiling water & steeped, covered for awhile, others have you boil the tea bags from the start & then simmer on stove low covered 20 minutes.. I just follow the directions.  Also, some of the mesh tea strainers holes are too big, so be careful if buying one to handle loose tea..  I found a fairly solid metal one with tiny holes at world market awhile back.