Sunday, July 31, 2011


Z's Coconut Chicken Potluck

2-3 peeled/gutted cucumbers (washed, cut in small pieces)
7 or more stalks of celery (ends removed, washed, diced)
1 lb or more natural chicken breasts, cut off fat (baked, then cut in small pieces)
1-2 cans of unsweetened regular coconut milk
half bunch (or more) of green onions (washed, diced)
juice from 1-2 small to medium organic lemons

1) Bake chicken in oven that's been preheated to 350 degrees F about 22 minutes (I use thin sliced chicken breasts)
2) Heat coconut milk, lemon juice, green onions in pot or big stir fry pan on low to medium heat
3) Add desired amount of salt (taste to see.. I use a lot:))
4) Once soup part warm/hot remove from heat
5) Add chopped up chicken, celery, and cucumber to the coconut milk mixture, see if needs more salt or just salt in serving bowl
6) Enjoy! I like it warm room temp and cold..It gets thick once it's been cooled/in fridge...

Note: You could also mix in some spinach cold/raw or sauteed in a little coconut oil...

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